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    Neptune, seen from the Keck Observatory in the infrared (wavelength 1.17-1.3 microns), 11 August 2004.  (Program ID N19N2.)

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    la chenille de la carotte (1911), director unknown

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  3. undr:

    Paul Strand

    Railroad Sidings, 1914

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  4. 1910-again:

    Luigi Loir, The Night Cafe 1910

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    kiryl vasilionok


  6. "The worst thing in the world can happen, but the next day the sun will come up. And you will eat your toast. And you will drink your tea."
    — Rhian Ellis, After Life  (via calmfolly)

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  7. pablopicasso-art:

    Pablo Picasso and Sebastìa Junyer-Vidal Arrives to Paris, 1901

    Pablo Picasso

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    Fred Lyon

    San Francisco Post e Powell Street, Union Square, 1947.


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    Boulevard of Capucines, 1883

    Claude Monet

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  12. "Stress only happens when you resist life’s events."
    — Michael Singer - The Untethered Soul (via iam-youis)

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  15. Felix Vallotton, Box Seats at the Theater, the Gentleman and the Lady, 1909

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